Blackpool New Light

Blackpool has always shimmered with entertainment, dance, and the allure of its iconic seafront. But beyond the dazzling lights of the promenade, a new era is dawning. With over £1bn invested in a transformative regeneration, Blackpool has re-emerged as a premier destination not just for leisure, but for business and world-class events too.

Bold, confident, yet brimming with the renowned charm that has made it a British classic, Blackpool’s contemporary offering seamlessly blends its rich heritage with state-of-the-art facilities. The Blackpool Conference and Exhibition Centre stands testament to this, offering a space that’s not only modern and expansive but deeply rooted in the town’s vibrant character.

For agencies seeking affordability without compromising on quality, expertise without the pretence, and a location that promises both accessibility and memorable experiences, Blackpool is more than a destination—it’s a statement. Dive deeper, and discover how ‘Business in Blackpool, is always a pleasure’.