Celebrating Blackpool’s Booming Business Events Scene this Global Meetings Industry Day

By Julie Vincent, Head of MeetBlackpool

Today marks Global Meetings Industry Day, and we’re keen to highlight that business events in Blackpool mean more than merely an enjoyable day out at a seaside resort. Our town’s meetings and events sector serve as a catalyst for growth, driving prosperity and opportunities for Blackpool’s workforces, communities, and businesses alike.

Blackpool is a bustling and innovative hub for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and corporate gatherings. Today, we delve into how our vibrant business events scene is not only transforming the landscape of professional gatherings but is generating a new era of prosperity for our residents, industries, and legacy.

Empowering Workforces

Blackpool’s thriving business events sector plays a pivotal role in empowering local workforces in a number of ways. Events demand cutting-edge spaces, and thanks to generous investment from public and private contributors, Blackpool’s infrastructure is undergoing a revitalisation. These regeneration and development projects, such as the cutting-edge Winter Gardens Blackpool Conference & Exhibition Centre, have created job opportunities for the local construction workforce and have increased demand and production from many local providers and suppliers.

It’s no secret that the Blackpool’s business events sector has been calling for an increase in bed stock across the destination to accommodate large-scale conferences and corporate events. This spring, we’re proud to see the unveiling of the brand new Holiday Inn – and IHG Hotel, offering high-quality accommodation to tourists and business guests alike. These two new venues, supported by the surge in events, have created hundreds of job opportunities across a variety of sectors including hospitality, production and technology, sales, and marketing. By investing in the development of our workforce, we not only bolster individual career trajectories but also contribute to the overall economic prosperity of our community.

Meetings also foster connection and learning, and by hosting a diverse array of conferences, seminars, and workshops, Blackpool serves as a hub for education, knowledge sharing, and upskilling. This ultimately enhances the capabilities and competitiveness of Lancashire’s workforce, while also cementing Blackpool as the centre of personal progression.

Enriching Communities:

By attracting a diverse range of professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts from a variety of sectors from utilities to politics, events serve as catalysts for knowledge sharing, cultural exchange, and community engagement. MeetBlackpool endeavours to create meaningful connections between businesses and the communities they serve, and by championing collaboration and cultivating conversations between local organisations, educational institutions, and grassroots initiatives, we can enrich the fabric of our local communities. we improve the lives of locals and improve our communities.

Our town’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility ensures that these events leave a positive legacy for future generations. From adopting eco-friendly practices to supporting local charities and initiatives, MeetBlackpool is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of our residents. Our town’s resurgence on the meetings and events scene also fosters a sense of belonging and civic pride, fuelling community spirit and collaboration, and helps to create a more vibrant and inclusive Blackpool for all.

Empowering Businesses:

At the heart of Blackpool’s business events scene is an industry in which Blackpool has historically thrived – hospitality and entertainment. The surge in business events in recent years has empowered local food and beverage enterprises, which in turn fosters economic growth and competitiveness in the market. Our iconic entertainment offering not only attracts a wealth of delegates and event bookers looking for alternative events but allows new businesses to leverage opportunities and gaps in the market.

This can be seen in the recent implementation of Abingdon Street Food market, which has seen a disused town centre building transformed into a vibrant and diverse catering outlet. This modern facility not only lends itself to up-and-coming entrepreneurs and SME’s in the hospitality sector, but enhances the catering offering for delegates and tourists.

Moreover, our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that every event hosted by MeetBlackpool exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and stakeholders alike. Whether it’s showcasing the latest trends in technology, finance, or healthcare, facilitating meaningful connections between buyers and sellers, or boosting peer morale at a team-bonding experience at Showtown, we are committed to delivering unparalleled value to our delegates.

Together, we can unlock new opportunities for growth and prosperity across a number of Blackpool’s sectors, positioning the destination as a dynamic hub for commerce and industry.