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Blackpool's Evolution: Your Next Business Destination Unveiled

Blackpool has always shimmered with entertainment, dance, and the allure of its iconic seafront. But beyond the dazzling lights of the promenade, a new era is dawning. With over £1bn invested in a transformative regeneration, Blackpool has re-emerged as a premier destination not just for leisure, but for business and world-class events too.

Bold, confident, yet brimming with the renowned charm that has made it a British classic, Blackpool's contemporary offering seamlessly blends its rich heritage with state-of-the-art facilities. The Blackpool Conference and Exhibition Centre stands testament to this, offering a space that’s not only modern and expansive but deeply rooted in the town’s vibrant character.

For agencies seeking affordability without compromising on quality, expertise without the pretence, and a location that promises both accessibility and memorable experiences, Blackpool is more than a destination—it’s a statement. Dive deeper, and discover how ‘Business in Blackpool, is always a pleasure’.


The New Blackpool

£1bn invested, a renewed skyline, and a promise of unparalleled experiences. Blackpool is not just the UK's premier beach resort; it's your next business event hub.

Blackpool Conference and Exhibition Centre

The jewel in our crown. Over 2000sqm of dedicated conference space, state-of-the-art facilities, and the capability to host future-forward hybrid events.

Tackling Agency Concerns

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Experience the luxury of Blackpool's premier venues and exceptional services, all delivered without the hefty price tag often seen elsewhere.

Event Expertise

Whether you're orchestrating an intimate board meeting or launching a grand conference, our legacy lies in mastering both seamless and impregnable event execution.


In a rapidly evolving event landscape, Blackpool stays ahead with cutting-edge infrastructure, designed to cater to both on-site guests and the virtual audience, ensuring everyone feels connected.

Security First

With the world's attention on event safety, we implement meticulous and robust measures to ensure every guest enjoys an atmosphere of security, from arrival to departure.

Security First

With the world's attention on event safety, we implement meticulous and robust measures to ensure every guest enjoys an atmosphere of security, from arrival to departure.

Personalised Service

At the heart of our approach is an understanding that no two events are alike. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with agencies, ensuring every detail is tailored to your unique vision and requirements. From the moment you partner with us, your goals become our mission, offering a bespoke event experience that resonates with your brand and audience.
    "The Winter Gardens Blackpool was the ideal venue for our annual conference, seamlessly blending charm with functionality. The meticulous planning by the team ensured our vision came to life, while the historic architecture left a lasting impression on our members. Their professionalism and attention to detail made our event memorable. We're excited about the prospect of returning to Blackpool in the future."
    Margaret Davidson, Conference Committee Chairman, Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in G.B.& I.
    "After over 20 years in the same venue, the Winter Gardens Blackpool provided the ideal space and facilities for our expanding league's AGM and Presentation Awards. The venue's convenient location, versatility, and professional team made our event a memorable experience. Delegates commended the excellent service, atmosphere, and room layout. Julie Vincent and her team's proactive approach, combined with their dedication to our event's success, affirmed that our decision to choose Blackpool was impeccable. Their commitment made it evident that our event was as important to them as it was to us."
    Mark Harris, Chairman and FA Representative, Northern Premier Football League
    Winter Gardens Blackpool has been our go-to venue for the Annual Delegate Meeting for years, not just for its fantastic seaside location that our members love, but also for the reasonably priced accommodation options in Blackpool. Their top-notch catering services cater to all dietary needs, making the event experience seamless. The value for money and excellent services ensure we've chosen Winter Gardens Blackpool for our meetings through 2024.
    Susan Bickers, Deputy Head of Administrative Services, Usdaw
    As the DMO for Lancashire, we often move our awards around the county, but we find ourselves repeatedly drawn to Blackpool, especially for large-scale events. The Winter Gardens Blackpool and their new kitchen facilities impressed us this year; the 3-course Lancashire-focused dinner was exceptional. Even with inevitable last-minute changes, the Winter Gardens team remained adaptable and accommodating, ensuring a smooth event. The staff's efficiency, responsiveness, and friendliness stood out. Our post-event survey echoes our sentiments, with 92% of attendees rating the venue as Good or Excellent.
    Maria Moriarty Eames, Event Organiser for Marketing Lancashire

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