Positioning Blackpool as a World Leader

Winter Gardens Blackpool played host to two significant events that showcased the venue’s ability to cater to a diverse range of subjects and interests. These events not only brought together leading professionals and experts from various fields but also reinforced Blackpool’s reputation as a prime destination for conferences and exhibitions.

The first of these events was a groundbreaking symposium, led by Lancaster University and Blackpool Council, that aimed to position Blackpool as a world leader in ethically powered data. The Blackpool Innovation Catalyst project brought together over 100 stakeholders, including senior academics and international industry experts, for a major symposium to discuss the future of ethically powered data centers and how the resort could become a global frontrunner in this innovative and sustainable sector.

During the symposium, participants explored opportunities to create a cutting-edge digital sector in Blackpool, centered around a cluster of data centers operating on renewable energy and utilizing groundbreaking green technologies. The project’s vision is to redistribute excess energy generated by these data centers into social heat networks, which can then be used for socially beneficial projects such as heating social housing or powering public transport. By hosting this event, Winter Gardens Blackpool played a crucial role in facilitating conversations and collaborations that could shape the future of the digital sector in the resort and beyond.

In the same month, the venue also welcomed the Society of British Neurological Surgeons for their annual conference and exhibition. This prestigious event attracted professionals from across the UK, who participated in a comprehensive academic program and attended various social events. The conference also featured an extensive exhibition where neurosurgical companies showcased their latest products and innovations. In addition, several neuro-related charities were present, allowing attendees to show their support and learn more about the valuable work being done in this field.

These two events held in November 2022 demonstrate Winter Gardens Blackpool’s commitment to supporting innovation, sustainability, and cutting-edge research across various industries. By hosting events such as the Blackpool Innovation Catalyst symposium and the Society of British Neurological Surgeons conference, the venue plays an essential role in fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange that drive progress and create lasting impact.

As we reflect on these achievements, we recognize the importance of continuing to attract and host a diverse range of events that cater to various interests and sectors. Winter Gardens Blackpool remains dedicated to providing exceptional services and facilities for conferences and exhibitions, ensuring that the venue continues to be a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and growth in the region and beyond.

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