Silicon Sands

Silicon Sands, located in the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone, was unveiled at the UK REiiF to a group of potential data centre developers and investors. With its combination of internet connectivity, renewable energy sources, and available land, Silicon Sands presents an attractive investment opportunity along the Fylde coast.

Blackpool is positioned as a key location for data centres, thanks to the Celtix-Connect2 internet cable connecting the town to major cities like New York and Dublin. This connectivity, part of the North Atlantic Loop, carries a significant portion of the world's internet traffic.

Like established data centre clusters in Dublin and New York, Blackpool's proximity to this cable could draw substantial investment to the Fylde Coast. The area's low latency connections to Lancashire, including the proposed National Cyber Force in Samlesbury and various advanced manufacturing companies, make it an attractive option for businesses seeking high-performance internet access.

Spanning 40 acres north of Blackpool Airport, Silicon Sands will house high-performance data centres powered by renewable energy. It will also provide development opportunities for businesses in sectors like Artificial Intelligence, telehealth, advanced manufacturing, and gaming that can benefit from direct access to a data centre.

Silicon Sands aims to be environmentally friendly, offering at least 50MVA of renewable energy through a partnership with Electricity North West and potentially utilizing a solar farm. The data centres will employ liquid immersion cooling technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Furthermore, plans are in place to connect Silicon Sands to a district heat network, allowing waste heat from the data centres to be reused for heating neighbouring businesses.

Find out more at: Silicon Sands – Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone


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