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Why Clients Keep Coming Back to Blackpool

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Sophie Croston, Group Business Development Manager at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, The Big Blue Hotel and the Boulevard Hotel, on why event professionals can’t get enough of the seaside resort.

When it comes to hosting conferences and business events, Blackpool has been captivating the hearts of an increasing number of event organisers over recent years.  

The bustling seaside town, which is undergoing a multi-million pound regeneration project and significant reinvestment into its infrastructure, technology, and hospitality, holds the keys to customer retention – and I’m keen to share my insights on event professionals just can’t get enough of this Lancashire hotspot. 


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Making our contribution count  

Blackpool’s accommodation offering is going from strength to strength following several regeneration and expansion projects across the town. While The Big Blue Hotel, with its focus on high-quality family stays and group bookings, has been a magnet for returning clients, the newer Boulevard Hotel is building its roster of repeat customers thanks to its reputation as a conference venue. Following its launch in 2019, there has been a surge in word-of-mouth recommendations from locals and existing clients, which not only benefits our revenue stream but boosts the economy of the town.  

 Referrals and repeat bookings form the backbone of our business - and this is thanks to Blackpool's commitment to client satisfaction. The guest is the ultimate priority – it has been for decades – and this won’t change anytime soon. From exceptional service across venues and attractions, to a varied activities schedule, to well-thought-out facilities, everything in the town is customer centric, ensuring a rounded and enjoyable experience that’s highly likely to result in a recommendation to peers, and a return visit. 

 Knowing the market 

The needs and requirements of event organisers is ever changing, and Blackpool is a diverse and versatile destination that is continually showcasing how it can respond to demand. Historically The Big Blue Hotel has received large quantities of group bedroom bookings, so with the addition of the Boulevard Hotel we have greater bed-stock and are able cater for larger two-day residential conferences and private corporate dinners. 

 We’re also seeing an increased number of enquiries from agencies looking for group bedroom bookings for guests attending local events. With our additional property, we can now accommodate more people, bring more revenue into the town, and showcase Blackpool in its full glory.  

 All events are different 

Customer retention is reliant on exclusive offers that many venues across Blackpool have down to a tee, including special rates for day delegates, corporate bedroom bookings, regular meetings, and discounted group accommodation. With a variety of packages to choose from, Blackpool ensures that every event is tailor-made to suit both the client's vision and budget.  

 Corporate and incentives 

The corporate sector has found a sweet spot in Blackpool, and for good reasons. Being almost equidistant between London and Scotland, Blackpool is a midpoint for UK national companies seeking to host residential group conferences. The town's local expertise, hotel availability, and ample conference space further solidify its reputation as a prime event destination. 

 The town’s resurgence as a business events destination is a joint effort on many parts, and one aspect of this is down to the variety of incentive experiences that we’re able to offer. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is enticing for event professionals, offering alternative event spaces on top of a thrilling day out or to encourage extender stays with families. Both The Big Blue and Boulevard Hotels offer incentive experiences for delegates such as theme park days and captivating shows, with the famed Hot Ice’ show taking centre stage.  

 The attractions, alongside the welcoming people, the ongoing town regeneration efforts, and the constant nods to our heritage and culture, creates a magnetic pull that means clients not only find a location for their events but an experience that lingers in their memories, that they want to repeat. 

 The magnetism of political events 

Blackpool's charm extends to high-profile political events, with notable figures from the recent era including Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak attending conferences and meetings across the resort. The exclusive nature of the Boulevard Hotel, which can be fully secured for high-security events, has made it a favoured choice for politicians and VIPs requiring a secure yet stylish location. Additionally, the substantial investment into the meetings and events spaces at the Winter Gardens and Blackpool Conference and Exhibition Centre has added gravitas for political events, showcasing that while the town remains a favourite among thrill-seekers, it really does mean business when it comes to events. 

I think Blackpool has cracked the code to customer retention through its unique blend of attributes that cannot be replicated elsewhere. From its strategic location to its diverse event offerings and exceptional service, it's no wonder clients keep coming back for more. This seaside town has transformed itself from its humble roots into a serious contender on the business events scene that promises not only successful meetings and conferences, but also unforgettable experiences.